3 Most Common Heat Pump Problems

3 Most Common Heat Pump Problems

Heat pump problems can be really frustrating at times. Imagine you have survived a dreary day and after all this, you’re looking forward to going home to a crisp, warm room. But as soon as you switch on your heat pump, nothing! The heat pump is not working, what a nightmare!. 

Just like any other electronic device in your home, frequent problems in the heat pump is a sign to call for technical help. Schedule a furnace service in Kentwood, MI with highly skilled professionals at R&R Mechanical services.

Most Common Heat Pump Problems

These are the three most common heat pump problems and their causes:

1. The Heat Pump is Not Turning On

If the heat pump is not getting activated, it might be because of one of the four reasons mentioned below. 

  • Thermostat Problems

Proper setting of the thermostat is essential so check whether the thermostat is programmed correctly. If the settings are correct, then the thermostat may be having a problem with calibration and read the temperature incorrectly. Call a professional to get the thermostat serviced. 

  • Power Loss

Ensure that the breakers are in the correct position as a tripped breaker can cause an electrical failure with the heat pump.

  • Broken Starter Capacitor

If a faint clicking noise comes from the heat pump as soon as you start the system, it may be a broken starter capacitor. 

  • Broken Reversing Valve

The reversing valve works to switch the heat pump to an air conditioner by reversing the direction of the refrigerant. If the heat pump starts blowing cool air instead of warm air, it is a sign of a broken reversing valve.  In that case contact an expert for heat pump repair in Wyoming.

2. The Heat Pump Is Constantly Functioning

Three major causes for the continuous functioning of heat pumps.

  • Unusually Cold Weather

Heat pumps function more effectively than a furnace. Unusual cold weather might cause your heat pump to operate near-constantly without any issue.

  • Thermostat Problems 

Check the thermostat setting and make sure that no miscalibration issue is causing the thermostat to measure the temperature incorrectly. 

  • Broken Compressor Contractor

The compressor contractor functions to monitor the amount of power that goes to the heat pump. If it gets damaged, then the heat pump can run all the time. 

3. The Heat Pump Is Not Working Efficiently

If the heat pump is not working efficiently and fails to blow sufficient hot air, then there are usually three main reasons:

  • Unit is Blocked  

If the airflow to the heat pump unit is blocked due to snow, ice, debris, it results in poor system efficiency. Clean the heat pump and ensure proper airflow.

  • The Air Filter Is Dirty  

Air filters function to trap dirt and debris, but when too much dirt is stored inside the air filter, it blocks the airflow to the compressor. Change the air filter every 60 to 90 days.  

  • Low Refrigerant Level  

The refrigerant levels might drop due to leakage; hence your heat pump will struggle to function properly and generate enough heat. Reach out to a professional who would check the refrigerant level and refill it if needed. 

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