4 Signs You Need New Air Conditioning Unit

4 Signs You Need New Air Conditioning Unit

An air conditioner can be a savior when the temperature rises or falls. But how do you know that it’s time to purchase a new air conditioning unit? Maybe it’s not cooling or heating like it used to, or you’ve noticed that it’s not working as efficiently as it used to. Like all appliances, your air conditioner will not last a lifetime, although it will work without any issues for a long time if you have made a smart investment and knew how to maintain it.

Signs That Shows You Need A New AC Unit

However, a well-maintained air conditioner, even though not too old, may have some issues. This article provides a list of signs that it’s time to replace your air conditioning unit. If you recognize any, don’t hesitate to contact a professional from AC service in Wyoming to determine if repairing is an option or if you should purchase a new unit altogether.

  • Leaks or Excess Humidity 

Depending on the type of AC unit you have, a small amount of condensation or dripping water is normal, but outside the house. However, the unit should generally remain dry whether or not it is in use. If you notice a sudden spike in condensation or a leak, you should call a technician. Keep in mind that certain issues in a faulty unit can cause refrigerant leaks, and this should only be handled by an expert for AC repair in Grand Rapids due to the health risks it entails.

  • Beware of Short Cycles

Perhaps you have an air conditioner that turns on and off to maintain a set temperature throughout the house; however, does the unit tend to disconnect randomly? Or, do you sometimes have difficulty operating it? If you notice that it turns on and off more often than usual, it may not be working properly.

  • The Energy Bill Increases Drastically

The air conditioning unit may appear to be operating just as usual, but one of the biggest indicators that there might be a major problem is the electric bill. Has it increased suddenly, and you are not sure why? Perform an “energy audit.” If you can verify that it is a particular unit, make sure you use it rationally. You should also try cleaning the vents, replacing the filters, and checking the condensation coil for lumps or knots.

  • Strange Sounds 

Usually, a well-maintained air conditioning unit should run quietly. As time passes and individual components age, you may start to notice squealing noises. If the system makes this type of noise, you need to inspect the air conditioning unit immediately. 

Now you know about the signs that there’s a need to replace the air conditioner. Like every electric appliance, air conditioning units can break down after a certain period. Therefore, it is necessary to have proper knowledge about its normal working.

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