7 Factors For A Quality Home AC Installation

7 Factors For A Quality Home AC Installation

When the summer heat sets in, you rely on your air conditioner. Your cooling system is put under additional stress as usage increases. If your current machine is on the verge of breaking down or is too old to function properly, you should replace it as soon as possible with a newer, more powerful, and dependable unit.

Air conditioners are expensive and cumbersome to install, so making the wrong choice can significantly impact your comfort and bank account. The installation of split AC units is an important job. If the installation is proper, your AC will provide the best cooling. Poor installation also makes it hard to keep up with maintenance.

Seven Things to Consider for Proper AC Installation

Here are the things you should think about before buying an air conditioner and installing it:

Hire an Experienced and Certified Technician

Hiring AC installation in Grand Rapids is always the best and most logical option. Technicians and professionals have completed an intensive year-long air conditioning installation and repair program. These companies will give you the best installation and maintenance services for your AC and won’t make any mistakes.

Correct Sizing

You must ensure that the air conditioner is big enough for your house. A big air conditioner won’t effectively remove moisture from the air, while a smaller one will cost you more electricity bills. A professional installation will look at the size and layout of your home to figure out what size system will work best.

Choose an Energy-Efficient System

The rising cost of electricity makes it all the more important to invest in a high-quality air conditioner that uses as little power as possible. The more efficient an air conditioner is, the less electricity it uses, and its SEER rating is higher. Grand Rapids heating and cooling companies can help you make the best choice.

Placing the Outdoor Unit Properly

A split air conditioner’s indoor and outdoor components should be installed somewhere protected from moisture and direct sunlight. An outdoor unit needs to be installed on a level, stable surface. Place the outdoor condensing unit of a split air conditioner in an area with good airflow and nothing blocking its airflow.

Attention to Ductwork

If there is a duct system for air conditioning and heating in your home, you can easily install a central air conditioner to use the preexisting structure. A ductless air conditioning system may be an option if this is not the case. Cool air can leak into the attic or crawl space if you have old ducts. Careful attention to ductwork is essential for a successful air conditioning installation.

Product Warranty

The warranty on the air conditioner protects both the contractor and the homeowner. It’s important to note that not all home warranties provide the same level of protection. Air conditioner warranties will expire before you’ve even had a chance to turn on your unit. Ensure your warranty covers your air conditioner for at least a year if you want it to be a safety net.

Proper Installation

Air conditioner efficiency is also affected by how well it is set up. An air conditioner’s efficiency and parts are at risk from sloppy installation. Having the air conditioner installed by a professional or at a factory-authorized service center is the best way to ensure it works properly.

To ensure the continued optimal performance of the air conditioner, you should also verify the recommended maintenance intervals. Careful planning, professional installation, and regular maintenance can help an air conditioner work as well as it can.

Maintenance is Essential in the Long Term

Maintaining a regular maintenance schedule for your air conditioner is essential if you want it to last for many years after installation. To ensure that your air conditioner functions effectively, it is recommended that you have it installed by a professional.

It’s best to check with your retailer to determine how often you clean your AC to get the most out of it, as some models require very little upkeep. Choosing the correct installer is an additional consideration when purchasing central air conditioners.

Find a reputable HVAC service that will propose the right-sized air conditioner for your home and provide straightforward responses to all your questions. 

If you take the time to select the appropriate installer, you can avoid wasting money on an AC that isn’t a good fit for your home. R&R Mechanical Services can assist you with your job. Call us at (616) 452-6888 for AC replacement in Wyoming, MI.