8 Indications That Make Heating Repair Necessary

8 Indications That Make Heating Repair Necessary

The winters can be intense in Grand Rapids. Imagine that your heater suddenly stops working unexpectedly, or its performance becomes too poor to provide you with comfort.

A brand new heating installation in Grand Rapids may be necessary if your furnace is malfunctioning. There can be various reasons for the breakdown of your unit. Below are eight signs that indicate a need for heating repair:

08 indications will let you know when you need a Heating repair service

  • Interrupting loud noises:

When something inside your heating equipment is broken, loose, or clogged, the HVAC makes strange noises that indicate a need for an urgent repair.

  • Distasteful odors:

When your heating system releases odors, the reason can be due to a harmful carbon monoxide leak or as minor as an unclean unit. However, if you cannot guess the reason, schedule a heating inspection to fix the problem.

  • Temperature up and down:

If setting the temperature on the thermostat is not helpful, and your furnace or heat pump makes you suffer from constant temperature variations, schedule a repair service to know which part is damaged.

  • Partially warm rooms:

We install heating equipment to enjoy warmth at every corner of the room, but if it is heating only half of the space, you need to get it checked with a technician.

  • Constant on and off:

Frequent short cycling indicates your heating system has worn out and needs repair.

  • Cool airflow: 

Cool airflow is among the worst heating issues. You would never want your heating equipment to blow cool air when it is cold outside. The best way to fix this problem is to contact a technician.

  • Change in pilot light:

The color of the pilot light of your furnace should be blue. If you notice yellow, orange, or red pilot light colors, your furnace has some problem that needs to be fixed.

  • Utility bills keep increasing:

If you cannot control your heating equipment’s electricity consumption even after scheduling maintenance service, there can be some big internal damage or poor wiring. In this case, schedule a heating repair in Grand Rapids to prevent unnecessary utility charges.

These eight indications are common heating problems all HVAC owners face. Whether the heating problem you are facing is common or unusual, you can always rely on R&R Mechanical Services, LLC. We offer a variety of HVAC services and energy efficiency solutions. Call us to schedule a service for heating and cooling in Grand Rapids.