8 Techniques for Maintaining Your AC to Avoid Repairs

8 Techniques for Maintaining Your AC to Avoid Repairs

As a homeowner, you understand the significance of preserving your home’s comfort and coolness during the steamy summer months. Preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that your air conditioning unit is always working correctly. Regular maintenance is vital for keeping your air conditioning system running efficiently in the long run. Contact R&R Mechanical Services LLC to set up an AC maintenance plan for your system in Grand Rapids, MI.

Here are 8 ways that regular AC preventative maintenance can help

Regularly Change the Air Filter

A clean air filter is essential for efficient air conditioner performance and longevity. Failing to upgrade your air filter can cause major issues, such as reduced airflow. To avoid these complications, make sure you change the filter every three months or in accordance with its needs.

Schedule Professional AC Tune-ups

Regular AC tune-ups are essential for keeping your air conditioner in top working order. A professional technician will comprehensively inspect your AC unit and make any necessary repairs or adjustments to keep it running smoothly.

Inspect and Clean Coils, Fans, and Motors

Coils, fans, and motors can become dirty and clogged with debris, which reduces their efficiency and can cause other problems. These parts will be thoroughly inspected and cleaned during professional AC maintenance to keep your system running at peak performance.

Check Refrigerant Lines for Leaks

Fixing the refrigerant leaks can be costly and cause your air conditioner to run less efficiently. During preventative maintenance, your refrigerant lines will be checked for leaks and repaired if necessary.

Repair Damaged Ductwork

Ductwork can become damaged over time, causing air leaks and reducing the efficiency of your air conditioning system. If necessary, your ductwork will be inspected and repaired during a professional maintenance checkup.

Make Sure Ducts are Properly Insulated

Proper insulation prevents the loss of cooled air and ensures that your air conditioner runs efficiently. System maintenance at regular intervals will ensure that your ducts are adequately insulated and prompt any necessary repairs.

Inspection of fan blades

The fan blades are a vital part of the air conditioning unit and must be free from dirt and debris to work correctly. During AC maintenance, the technician will inspect your fan blades and ensure they are clean and functioning correctly.

Ensure Proper Moisture and Drainage

Regular AC maintenance is the key to keeping your air conditioning system running efficiently and avoiding costly repairs. Contact us today to schedule preventive AC maintenance in Wyoming, MI, and the surrounding areas!

 Moisture buildup and poor drainage can cause damage to your air conditioner and reduce its efficiency. A maintenance plan will ensure that your system is free of moisture buildup and draining correctly. If you find any issues related to a drain pan, contact us for AC repair in Grand Rapids, MI.

Schedule An Appointment To Learn More About AC Services

It’s important to prioritize preventative maintenance to keep your air conditioner running smoothly and minimize the need for repairs. Contact R&R Mechanical Services LLC today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our comprehensive services, including AC replacement in Wyoming, MI. Our AC experts can help you keep your AC running efficiently, ensuring you stay comfortable in your home all year round.
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