A Self-Inspection Checklist Before Calling A Furnace Repair Professional

A Self-Inspection Checklist Before Calling A Furnace Repair Professional

No one wants to live with a broken furnace, especially in the cold weather of Newark. What do you do when your furnace suddenly stops working or does break? You definitely call a professional for heating services Wyoming and await the system to start working again.

5 Things to Check Before Calling A Furnace Repair Technician

There are a few steps that you must follow before deciding on calling a professional furnace repair. Following these steps may help you to save time and money.

  • Check Your Thermostat 

This is too obvious, but believe us or not, many homeowners make this innocent mistake of setting their thermostat incorrectly. Be sure that your thermostat is set to “heat.” Checking your thermostat setting is the very first thing that you should look at while troubleshooting your furnace on your own. Many times, the settings can be changed accidentally while cleaning your house, for instance. Also, remember to set the thermostat to a temperature that you want to maintain inside your home.

  • Check Your Filters 

Furnace problems due to air filters are the most common furnace issues because many homeowners often forget about them. The air filters clean the air that goes into the furnace and the air that spread into your house. If the air filters are clogged and dirty, the airflow throughout your home is compromised, and it leads to coerce your furnace to work harder than usual.

You also need to check for filter damages. If you find your filters are too old to clean, you can change them. Check them thoroughly, before calling a technician for heating and cooling Grand Rapids.

  • Check the Batteries 

In modern furnaces, the thermostats are wired to the home’s electrical system. But the older furnaces use batteries instead. If you have a furnace that uses batteries, check if they are working. In many cases, no furnace repair in Wyoming is actually needed; just a battery change brings your system back to normal again.

  • Check the Power 

If your furnace is running on electricity, make sure that the device is getting an adequate power supply. If your breaker is tripped, your device is not getting any energy to run. You can switch on the breaker if it’s tripped. But if your circuit breaker keeps on tripping repeatedly, you need to Call R&R Mechanical for professional furnace replacement Grand Rapids.

  • Check the Pilot Light 

New furnace models use igniters instead of pilot lights. But if you still have an old furnace in your home, you need to follow the instructions on your owner’s manual to lighting and re-lighting the pilot lights. You can do this without any problem. However, if you find it challenging to deal with the fire, it’s best to take the back seat and let an expert furnace repair in Wyoming do the job for you.

Keep this simple rule in mind: as soon as you feel uncomfortable while doing this troubleshooting on your own, don’t delay calling a professional. R&R Mechanical provides on-call services to the homeowners of Wyoming and surrounding areas. Call us and get a quick furnace repair and heat pump repair Wyoming.