Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Much like your vehicle, your air conditioner also needs some TLC. Maintaining your cooling unit will prevent it from giving up on you on the hottest day of summer. In fact, regular maintenance and annual pre-season checkups will boost your unit’s efficiency and reduce the unwanted costs of AC repair Grand Rapids. 

Remember that contractors can get busy during summer, so it is in your best interest that you plan a checkup during spring. 

There are several tangible benefits that you can reap by getting regular air conditioning service. Some of the benefits include lowered energy bills, fewer repair bills, the extended life span of the cooling unit, better air quality, and many more.

Here Is The Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist You Need To Follow:

Thankfully, air maintenance is neither expensive nor an arduous task. Listed below is a simple yet comprehensive air conditioning maintenance list that every homeowner must follow. 

1. Clean Outdoor Condenser Coils: 

The condenser coil is an integral part of your air conditioner. The coil setup includes the refrigerant lines and the radiator-like fins that line the cabinet of your outdoor cooling unit. On the other hand, the evaporator is the interior counterpart to the condenser coil and has its own coil.

It is common for dirt and debris to build upon your outdoor unit. This, in turn, reduces your unit’s efficiency while also adding stress to the air conditioner’s mechanical parts.  

2. Check the Refrigerant Levels: 

Yet another simple but important step in air conditioner maintenance is to check refrigerant levels. Incorrect levels of the refrigerant can make your air conditioner’s compressor work too hard, which can reduce the longevity and efficiency of your unit. 

3. Inspect Your Drain Pans: 

As a part of your annual AC maintenance, be sure to check your drain pans as well as condensate drains. Ensure that the drains are not obstructed and are clean so as to ensure that excessive moisture does not get trapped inside the unit, which can cause it to fail.

4. Check Your Outdoor Fan Motor:

Aside from checking refrigerant levels, it is also important that you check your outdoor unit’s fan motor and blades. The fan on the outdoor unit is exposed to the elements and can get dirty or rusty.

Also, be sure to check the indoor blower assembly to make sure it is functioning correctly. Older blowers may have a drive belt that might need adjustment or replacement from time to time. 

5. Check the Refrigerant Tubing: 

Though this is not a common issue, there are times that the refrigerant tubing might get blocked or develop a leak.

In such cases, the tubing will fail to deliver enough coolant to your unit’s compressor, which can cause it to fail. R&R Mechanical is one of the best Grand Rapids’ heating and cooling companies for all services.

6. Lubricate All Moving Parts: 

From time to time, it is also necessary to lubricate moving parts. While newer units have sealed parts that do not need lubing, older units have parts on compressors and fan motors that need lubrication periodically. 

7. Inspect and Replace Dirty and Clogged Air Filters: 

This one is a no-brainer. A clogged air filter will restrict airflow to your air conditioner. Therefore, it is necessary that you clean or changes your air filter as and when necessary. Once you have swapped out your old filters, be sure to inspect them once every month. Doing so will reduce your air conditioning cost by as much as 10%.

Annual air conditioner maintenance will improve your air conditioner’s efficiency while also bringing down your energy consumption. That’s why an AC tune-up Grand Rapids MI is necessary.

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