How Can You Prepare Your Heating System For The Winter?

How Can You Prepare Your Heating System For The Winter?

The winter can be an unforgiving time for the homeowners that ignore or neglect their heating systems throughout the year. Whether it is refraining from hiring technicians to carry out regular furnace service or ignoring repair signs, homeowners can cause a significant amount of damage to their systems. This damage will later result in the complete or partial breakdown of the system once the temperature drops. 

5 Tips To Get Your Furnace Winter-Ready 

The only way to prevent the above situation from taking place is to invest in the services of Grand Rapids heating and cooling companiesMost technicians recommend getting your heating system serviced in the fall. However in addition to this, there are certain tip These tips include: 

  • Changing Air Filters: 

One of the more important components that need to be tended to before the onset of winter is the air filter. Technicians offering furnace replacement in Grand Rapids recommend replacing the air filter in the HVAC system twice in a year, once before summer and just before winter. In this way, your furnace will function optimally in the winter. 

  • Cover AC Condenser: 

This tip will concern the homeowners that use heat pumps to heat their homes as the same appliance is used to cool and heat a home. For the winter, however, the condenser of the heat pump will have to be covered to ensure that it is protected from the icicles that form above it. 

  • Test Igniter Switch: 

The igniter switch, especially in older systems, is prone to experiencing damages and will have to be checked to ensure that it is working. If the igniter switch is not turning on in this system, you will have to relight the pilot light. However, for electronic systems, a non-functional igniter switch can be fixed by simply pressing the reset button. 

  • Check Detectors: 

Furnaces have a variety of safety measures that are put in place to protect your home. One of these measures are the detectors or sensors that are installed to monitor the amount of carbon monoxide being released while the system is running. Therefore, you will have to inspect and test these components to make sure that these detectors are working to protect you and your family by getting in touch with a professional.  

  • Inspect Heat Exchanger: 

The heat exchanger plays a major role in warming up a space. However, it can develop cracks or holes which negatively affect the ability of the furnace to work properly. In addition to this, the heat exchanger can also accumulate a significant amount of dirt which interferes with the heat exchange process. Therefore, it will require cleaning or vacuuming before the winter sets in. 

Following the above tips will drastically improve the efficiency of the furnace and reduce the chances of it breaking down. However, if you feel that hiring a professional to make your furnace winter ready is a better option, get in touch with R&R Mechanical Services to provide top-notch furnace service in Grand Rapids today. To book an appointment, call 616-452-6888 today.