How to Tell if Your AC is Energy-Efficient?

How to Tell if Your AC is Energy-Efficient?

How to know if the HVAC unit or AC is genuinely energy-efficient? Below are absolute indicators that your current unit or the one you’re considering purchasing is energy-efficient:

Things to Consider When You are Purchasing a New AC Unit

  • SEER Rating
  • Your air conditioner’s SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating evaluates its energy efficiency. It is the ratio of the air conditioner’s cooling output over a typical cooling season divided by the energy consumed in Watt-Hours.

    The SEER rating can be found in the user manual for the air conditioner or on the unit itself. SEER ratings for modern air conditioners typically range from 13 to 22 (the minimum standard rating is 14). If your AC is old, the seer rating might be reduced to 8 to 9. We offer one of the best AC tune-up in Grand Rapids to your doorstep.

    A higher rating of seer makes the AC unit more energy-efficient. All modern AC will not be energy-efficient, do look for the seer rating before buying one.

  • Energy-Efficient Certificate
  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency initiated the energy star program to assist consumers in identifying products that save money and protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. 

    To fulfill ENERGY STAR requirements, your air conditioner must be at least 14.5 SEER; gas furnaces must have an AFUE of at least 90%, and oil furnaces must have an AFUE of at least 85%. HVAC units with the ENERGY STAR label can save you up to 20% on your energy bills.

    1. Benefits of An Energy-Efficient AC

    Several benefits HVAC owners will be availed by going energy-efficient:

  • Reduce Your Energy Bills
  • While having a new energy-efficient air conditioner installed in your home is an initial investment, it is likely to save you money in the long run. These costs are known to drop significantly in the first month, sometimes by up to a third!

  • Extends the Lifespan of the AC
  • Higher efficiency air conditioning units will have a longer life span since they will not have to work as hard as older and less efficient units. Adding significant years to your AC with regular inspection and annual maintenance without the need for AC replacement in Grand Rapids.

  • Less Need for Repair
  • When your air conditioner is working at a higher degree of efficiency, it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home as it should, implying the AC unit will last comparatively longer with less need for repairs. 

    2. Ways to Help the AC Efficiency

    You can take a few actions to assist your air conditioner with becoming even more efficient, aside from getting a higher-efficiency model. You may help lower your cooling costs, protect your air conditioning unit from frequent repairs, and extend your team’s life by taking simple measures.

  • Programmable Thermostat
  • A programmable thermostat allows for more control over your home’s temperature at specific periods throughout the day. For example, suppose you want to set your thermostat to a higher temperature while no one is home during the day. In that case, you may preset it for certain hours, and the temperature will adjust automatically.

    3. Regular Inspection of Air Ducts

  • Inspect Your Air Ducts:
  • If there are gaps in your air ducts that allow cool air to escape before it cools down your home, your air conditioning unit will have to work harder than usual due to the loss of cool air. By inspecting and cleaning your air duct system regularly, you can ensure that the cool air produced by your AC reaches your home as efficiently as possible. We provide best AC service in Wyoming.

    4. Regular Maintenance

    Your air conditioning unit requires routine maintenance and tune-ups. It is recommended that your team receives annual care from experts to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency.


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