Should I Replace My AC and Furnace with a Heat Pump?

Should I Replace My AC and Furnace with a Heat Pump?

In many parts of the US, the temperatures vary widely over different seasons. And, this calls for a good heating and cooling solution like a heat pump. It is not uncommon for Wyoming people to find their air conditioner giving up on them while their furnace works just fine.

It makes many homeowners wonder if they should replace one of them or both. Could a heat pump be the answer to this dilemma? Here’s what an expert of heat pump service Wyoming has to say.

Heat Pump 101

The most significant difference between your furnace and a heat pump is that a heat pump can cool and heat your home, unlike a furnace. It means if you need to replace both your air conditioner and furnace shortly, you are better off investing in a heat pump.

Much like an AC, a heat pump also has a refrigerant that absorbs ambient heat from the air, water, and ground. When you want to cool your home, the blower moves the heat out of your living space. So, you don’t have to get frequent AC repair Wyoming.

When it is time to heat your house, the fan moves the much-needed heat indoors. Unlike furnaces that use gas and oil, a heat pump runs on electricity. It is an ecologically friendly substitute to outdated furnaces and provides just as much comfort as a furnace would.

To Replace or Not to Replace?

If you are wondering if you should replace one of your units or both, it may seem like replacing the malfunctioning one is a quick and inexpensive fix. That’s why you should contact for heating and air conditioning service Wyoming MI.

If your HVAC system causes too much trouble for you, then you can also opt for heating services Grand Rapids.

However, experts opine that replacing both your units with heat pumps is an ideal solution. Aside from saving significant money on energy bills, you are also bound to enjoy other benefits listed below:


Thanks to the many advances in technology, heat pumps use far less energy than most gas and oil-based furnaces.

Though a heat pump with higher SEER ratings is an expensive investment, they translate into savings over time because they use less energy. What’s more? In many states, you also get tax credits for investing in a heat pump.


If the sound is one of your pet gripes, you will do good in investing in a heat pump. Most heat pumps have an innovative design that ensures quiet operation.


It is a big one for those of you folks who have allergies and breathing issues. Unlike a traditional furnace, heat pumps do not burn gasses, eliminating carbon monoxide poisoning risk.

You also do not have to worry or look out for gas leaks, combustion issues that call for repair, or delayed ignition. You will breathe only fresh air day after day!

Increased Comfort:

Aside from reducing energy usage by a whopping 40-60%, heat pumps are also better at controlling humidity when compared to your air conditioning system. It means your home will cool faster and stay at a comfortable temperature all winter long.

If you are considering replacing your cooling or heating unit, it is a good idea to speak with the experts at R&R Mechanical who can provide you with options that will suit your needs and budget.

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