Things You Need To Check When Your Furnace Won’t Turn On

Things You Need To Check When Your Furnace Won’t Turn On

Having your furnace break down in the middle of the winter can be no short of a nightmare. Furnaces work long hours throughout the toughest winters to provide heat and comfort. Like every machine, they also need routine maintenance and servicing. A well-maintained furnace performs very well in the long run and saves on bills. 

If your furnace breaks down at an odd hour of the day, there are a few things you examine yourself before professional help arrives: 

  • Circuit Breakers

A tripped circuit breaker is notorious for causing furnace breakdowns any time of the day. Circuit breakers are safety pieces of equipment that protect your furnace and its components. It makes sure that your furnace does not suffer invariably from a sudden surge of electricity. 

Turning a tripped circuit breaker back on should solve your problems. If not, check other appliances in your house. If there’s no power in them either, you most likely have an electric supply/wiring issue. 

  • Thermostat Settings 

Next in line with your troubleshooting process is the thermostat. A thermostat is a crucial element of your furnace, and small issues such as faulty wirings can cause the whole system to shut down. A list of other thermostat checks are mentioned below

  • Check your thermostats, batteries, wirings, and make sure it is turned on and set at the desired temperature. 
  • Clean out any lingering dust or debris.
  • Sometimes when your furnace turns off, the thermostat resets itself and needs to be programmed again. Contact a furnace service in Kentwood, MI, if you need help with your thermostat.
  • Furnace Filters

Furnaces require an uninterrupted supply of air to distribute heating throughout your house. It might be difficult to believe, but dirty air filters can keep your furnace from starting up. When your filters are packed with dirt, they disrupt the air supply to your furnace. 

Check your air filters and clean them thoroughly if they are packed with dirt. Replace them if needed. You may need to change/clean your furnace’s air filters depending upon the region you live in and the usage of your furnace. If you reside in a particularly polluted area, or if your furnace runs long hours, you might need to clean/replace your air filters once or twice every month. 

  • Pilot Light

You’d find many modern gas furnaces or propane furnaces still come with a pilot light attached. A pilot light tells you whether the gas or propane is flowing to your furnace’s burners or not. Your furnace is programmed to switch off if the gas supply is hindered. It avoids hazards such as gas leaks that can be catastrophic. Contact experts in heating and cooling in Grand Rapids for quick service. 

  • Blower Motor 

A blower motor sends air into and throughout your furnace. It is a crucial component, and any damage to it can render the whole system inoperable. If you don’t hear any humming or are not sure of the reason behind your furnace’s breakdown, have a professional look at it asap. 

  • Ignition Switch 

An ignition switch is a complex piece of your furnace. If you don’t have experience in dealing with electrical appliances or lack basic electric knowledge, it is advised you stray away from checking your furnace’s ignition switch. You must perform this checkup only if the rest bear no fruit. 

Check your operating manual to locate the ignition switch. The ignition switch usually has sensors. When they get dirty, they will keep the furnace from turning on. Clean the sensor carefully and put it back exactly as you found it. 

These are only a list of quick fixes and common furnace issues which do not guarantee complete repair. If these problems occur frequently, you can always contact a furnace replacement in Kentwood, MI, for expert service. 

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