Top 5 Reported Problems with Residential HVAC Units

Top 5 Reported Problems with Residential HVAC Units

HVAC is a vital component of our home, and the issues regarding them can not only affect our home but can also be harmful to our health if not tackled early on. 

Many typical HVAC issues can be avoided. Many common HVAC difficulties can be prevented if we properly maintain our HVAC system and arrange regular checkups with a skilled expert. 

Signs of Issues in your HVAC Unit

HVAC systems have an average lifespan of 15 to 25 years, however, this is only possible with adequate care and maintenance. Homeowners can do basic device care and maintenance, but many require technical knowledge. Interfering with matters that require professional care can lead to blunders, creating more serious complications in the long term. 

Before scheduling an appointment, we need to observe the working of our HVAC systems since we are the ones who spend plenty of time with the HVAC devices. 

5 Signs Mentioned Below of an Unhealthy System:

  • Indistinct Sounds
  • In case of experiencing bizarre noises that were not there before, or if the noises the system normally makes become louder than usual, this could be a warning of significant trouble. However, ensure the noises aren’t caused by loose parts, loosened doors or access panels, or other elements that make rustling, pounding, or rattling noises.

    Squealing or screaming noises may indicate that a fan or other spinning gear requires lubrication. They can also signal that a fan belt should be replaced. Internal cracking or banging sounds in a gas furnace could indicate that gas accumulates and burns off with a sound. This could become a big issue and must be coped with.

  • Dripping of Water
  • As HVAC systems utilize water to function, which results in generating a lot of moisture. Air conditioners produce condensate and flow via drain pipes and eventually away from our places.

    The system will leak if the drain system becomes clogged or damaged. Potential leak sources include the heat exchanger, evaporator drain, and collector box.

    If individuals have this typical HVAC problem, attempt to resolve it as quickly as possible because uncontrolled water buildup causes mold, structural damage, and electrical damage.

  • Blocked Filter
  • That filter is responsible for removing grime from the air and keeping it out of our machinery and ducts. When the filter becomes overloaded and blocked, it impedes the airflow of the ac system, resulting in hot and cold patches and unpleasant air. 

    The remnants in the machine can also cause harm to parts. A similar thing goes for heaters. Clogged filters can also cause common furnace problems, such as the heating not working.

    Changing the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the usage of the system can be a problem resolver which could be done once a month. This should be performed by expert technicians who can efficiently restore the heating and cooling in Grand Rapids.

  • Poor Airflow
  • Many HVAC users claim that they do not have enough ventilation in all regions of their homes. If the device has a barrier in airflow, this could be due to several factors. One of the commonly experienced factors can be blocked or clogged air filters. 

    Air filters are intended to catch and gather particles and contaminants emitted by your HVAC system. However, when they get overloaded, they potentially restrict the amount of air that goes through them, resulting in a decline in airflow. To avoid this problem, filters should be changed once a month. 

  • Losing Cooling Capacity
  • This is among the most prevalent issues with HVAC systems, particularly older, unmaintained systems. If the air conditioner loses refrigerant, we will experience poor airflow and decreased cooling. Slow leaks typically cause a steady loss in system performance. HVAC professionals can check for repair in leaks and guide us for AC replacement in Wyoming, MI, to get things back in operation.


     Issues with your machine’s functionality can diminish performance and efficiency and if left unnoticed for too long, might potentially cause health risks. If you’re puzzled about the performance of your system that is not running properly or require heat pump repair in Grand Rapids, we are here to help. Our team has 10 years of working experience, and certified technicians are available to answer any inquiries you may have.