Why Is My Furnace Ignitor Not Working? 

Why Is My Furnace Ignitor Not Working? 

It is beginning to feel a bit toasty outside, and people started turning on their heating systems to remain cozy inside. However, all this comforting situation might shift into annoyance when your furnace fails to heat your place or turns on and off constantly. Also, while there are many internal components responsible for making your heating unit, a furnace ignitor is the most crucial one.

A furnace ignitor is a vital part of your heating system that remains accountable for lighting the furnace burner to heat your place. However, when there are issues with your furnace ignitor, the air inside the furnace will not get warmed, and you will get a constant cold air supply even in the dread winters.  

While all these issues might annoy you, the best part is that you can save yourself from all these hassles by calling experts for regular furnace service in Grand Rapids. Calling experts routinely for your furnace ignitor repair or tune-up will ensure that your machine remains in a top-notch condition to serve you throughout the winter season. 

What Makes a Furnace Ignitor Inoperative?

Mentioned hereunder are some common signs that indicate that there is an issue with your furnace ignitor. 

  • Issues With the Condensate Line

The condensate is another crucial component of your furnace that remains connected with the ignitor. Hence when there are any issues with the condensate lines, the furnace ignitor would also get a hard time working accurately. 

Also, as the furnace stands idle for a long time during the summer season, the condensate lines get filled with dirt and debris, making it hard for the furnace ignitor to run effectively. Hence, if you think your furnace ignitor is not working, call experts from one of the most reliable Grand Rapids heating and cooling companies and get the condensate lines checked.

  • Problems With Your Furnace Thermostat

If your furnace blasts cold air instead of warm air, it does not indicate that the heating system is damaged. Instead, it means that your furnace ignitor is not producing enough spark as the thermostat is incapable of giving correct commands. Hence it might not be wrong to say that an inefficient thermostat is one of the most prevalent causes of a faulty furnace ignitor. 

Therefore, in this case, all the troubleshooting attempts must remain centered on the thermostat, as you have the most significant chance of solving the problem without calling an expert. However, note that thermostat issues and their solutions come in a wide assortment. Hence it is better to leave these issues to professionals. 

  • Frequent Short Cycling

If your heating system has frequent short cycling issues, you must contact an HVAC service technician to solve this issue. Not only does constant short cycling harm the internal components of the heater, but also it boosts the odds of a permanent breakdown of the machine. 

  • Clogged Air Filters 

Another common cause that makes your furnace ignitor inoperative is clogged air filters. An obstructed furnace air filter usually remains accountable for numerous issues, and one of the most prominent is a furnace ignitor breakdown. Apart from this, a clogged air filter might limit your heating system’s ability to generate and distribute hot air throughout the place. Hence to get rid of such issues, it is best to clean or replace your furnace air filters regularly. 

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